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Our Story

There was once a posh little town called Banstead,

Where life was great, and people well-fed

They ate Italian, drank coffee;

And proudly served their community


Secretly however, they fostered a deep desire,

A wish so secret; like a burning fire

The yearning not to have to go further,

for a firesh, Juicy, Handcrafted Burger!


Then one day a connoisseur decided to take action,

I must shave my Talent and Passion!

She donned her chef hat, and dug out her Signature Recipes.

And just like that; "The Burger Club" was born out of necessity.


" In 2020, when people had run out of spirit and were bound to their homes, I was sitting by my

window thinking how I could help in restoring the spirit and bringing a smile on people’s faces during

these dark times. So, I went into my kitchen and started to experiment with flavours and ingredients.

This is where the Burger Club was born. I always had a passion to cook flavoursome food and treat

my guests and this same tradition has been taken forward at the Burger Club: we treat customers

like our own guests. Our restaurant is a passionate tribute to the art of burger making. Where every

ingredient is fresh and full of flavours to give you, an extra ordinary dine-in experience. Join me and

my team at burger club and feel the taste of freshness in every delicious bite. Discover your own joy with our Fresh and Handcrafted burgers. "


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